About the Fern

Bogenraith Equestrian owners Marion & Ciaran Dreelan originate from a village called Ferns in The North of Wexford in the republic of Ireland.

Naming the restaurant, The Fern just added that little bit of home and reminder to them of their roots and love for their homeland of Ireland. Leaving Ferns after finishing senior school over 30 years ago Ciaran and Marion moved and settled down in Aberdeenshire.

Bogenraith Equestrian, is now established as firm favourite with equestrians and locals, The Fern welcomes everybody, and The Horse shoe bar offers a relaxed lounge to catch up over a drink with friends and family.

Our team is now firmly established and very much family orientated, we have employed local and support local.


The town became the capital of the Kingdom of Leinster, and also the Capital of Ireland when the kings of that southern part of the province established their seat of power there. It was a very large city but shrank after a fire destroyed most of it.

ferns castle
Ferns Castle
fern wildflower
The Wild Fern Flower

Before the coming of the Normans, Ferns was the political base of Diarmaid Mac Murragh, king of Leinster. William, Earl Marshall built the castle around 1200. Since then it has had many owners, of diverse political and military colours.

Originally, the castle formed a square, with large corner towers. Only half of the castle now stands, although what remains is most impressive. The most complete tower contains a beautiful circular chapel, several original fireplaces and a vaulted basement. There is a magnificent view from the top.